TV placement and cleanliness are necessary so it lasts longer

You definitely want to have durable and not easily damaged items so you don't spend more money, including electronic goods, because electronic products are easily damaged if not properly maintained, for example, LED TV. Knowledge is needed so that you do not need to pay more for repairs, even some cases that have reparations costs are almost equivalent to the purchase price. If so, it's better to buy a new product than you have to spend not a little money. Therefore you must know how to treat the television to last longer. Here are some ways you can take care of your television so that it lasts, that is. On the other hand, perhaps you need the best full motion tv wall mount if you want to save more space in your living room.

Place the TV in the Right Position

Understand the correct laying procedures, such as not placed in a location that is easily exposed to dust. Because dust can cover the air circulation hole on the TV and result in the temperature of the TV getting hotter. It is better to install it on the wall, using a wall bracket, because it will be safer than you put it on the table. The size of the thin and light LED TV is feared to fall when pushed. In addition, don't forget to give a distance between the back wall and the TV about 10 cm. This simple action is useful because it can prevent the TV from overheating. Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep the TV away from electronic items that have high cosmetic fields, such as active speakers. Because a device that has a magnetic field can cause distortion in image quality.

Clean the TV Correctly

If you see dust or dirt attached, clean it. Don't wait until the dust is cleaned. When the LED TV cleaning process is not allowed to use liquids containing alcohol, you can use a cleaning kit or glasses cleaning liquid, then wipe with a flannel cloth, magic cloth or chamois cloth. Pay attention to the temperature in the room, if it's too hot you should immediately turn on the air conditioner so that your TV doesn't overheat. Use stavolt. This is not only used for TV but all electronic items. When electronic equipment is switched on together, there will be a struggle for electricity and make electricity entering an electronic item not always the same amount. Over time, this will affect the condition of the TV. If there is a problem with your TV, do not ever open it yourself, you should immediately call a repairman or take it to an authorized dealer to fix it.