Healthy Tips to Watch TV at Home

Interesting research conducted by market research company IHS, a consumer research institute, said that the average size of TVs purchased worldwide was 39.4 inches in 2015. The market share in the US the average TV size purchased from 2015 was 42.6 inches and will rise to 44.5 inches in 2016. In China and Korea also not to be outdone, the average size of TV purchased in 2016 is between 43, 9 inches-55 inches. On the other hand, check out the best full motion tv wall mount if you'd love to put your TV on the wall.

Although the survey shows the average size of the TV is relatively large and wide, it turns out that for the many people it is still in the size of 32 inches.

This 32-inch size is also often given promotional prices by retailers. That, based on 32 inches can be said to be the ideal size to meet the needs of the community.

Indeed, choosing a TV size must consider the size of the room. If you choose the wrong, it will be difficult for you to put the TV. The result will affect the health of your eyes.

The routine of watching TV at home is fun. Usually, the TV is placed in the living room or family room. However, because of the principle of need, not a few also put the TV in the dining room or in the bedroom.



The installation also varies. At present, it is no longer just put on the table but has been installed on the wall.

Whether placed on a table or on a wall, you should pay attention to the installation distance to where you sit.

The distance between the television screen and the audience is 5 times the screen diagonal. The purpose of the diagonal of the screen is the distance of the upper left of the screen to the bottom right of the screen.

For example, a 14-inch TV should be placed 1.78 meters from the sofa. Or another example of 32 inches, the distance to put the TV must be 4.07 meters from your seat.

Finally, choose the type of TV. Currently, there are two types of TV available, namely LED, Full HD, and UHD. For minimalist homes (sizes ranging from type 36m2 - 45m2) it is suggested to choose the type of LED TV.

Meanwhile, for Full HD and UHD, it can still be applied to a relatively spacious room (size ranges above 60m2).

However, if you watch, your eyes feel tired and your head looks up unconsciously, so it's a good idea to change the position of the TV. It's because watching with uncomfortable conditions can also affect your health.